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Feb, 13

Breaking News: Integrating Cloud Is Hard

I am fascinating by the ongoing premise that cloud is easy, and hybrid cloud is easier. Early on in the cloud conversation, there was much wringing of hands as the channel fretted about cloud being a technology innovation that squeezed out solution providers. I think that concern fell aside fairly quickly, but now and then, […]


Feb, 13

Sometimes Following The Herd Is A Good Idea

SMB owners are flocking to leverage cloud computing, and for once, I think being a follower is a good thing. The reasons are simple: if you’re running an SMB, it is all about cash flow. So many businesses stall out just as they get started because of the investments needed to start a business – […]


Jan, 13

Cloud Drives Demand For Skilled Technologists … But There Is A Downside

In a recent ITWorld article, cloud was called out as one of the technologies pushing IT hiring in the coming year. That comes as no surprise as both solution providers and larger organizations with internal IT staffs struggle to add the resources necessary to both manage and customize on cloud. According to ITWorld, much of […]


Dec, 12

What’s New In The Cloud? Our Best (Educated) Guesses

As many of you gather to celebrate the holidays, I would like to believe you stop thinking – perhaps for a day – about cloud. That said, business must go on, holidays or not, so if you want to consider next year and where and how cloud will evolve, I have some insight from the […]


Nov, 12

MDM Is Coming – Are You Ready?

While I was attending a couple industry events a few weeks ago, one topic topped the chatter meter again and again. Mobile device management (MDM) is coming down the pike with the throttle open and the channel is getting excited about the opportunity. Now, some people would say that MDM and cloud are not related, […]

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