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Jul, 16

Earn Easy Cloud Referral Commissions with the Ingram Micro Cloud Referral Program

Ingram Micro is committed to simplifying the cloud sales process, providing partners with a multitude of ways to market and sell cloud through its various business models including the Ingram Micro Cloud Store, Odin Automation Essentials, Odin Service Automation, Ensim Enterprise Platform, the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, and the Ingram Micro Cloud Referral Program. With […]


Dec, 15

Why MSPs are a Perfect Fit for the Microsoft CSP Program

For many end users, the key difference between the managed services IT model and cloud services model is primarily: with the former they see a blinking light in their server room, and with the latter they do not. From a managed service provider’s (MSP) perspective, however, the difference between the two business models is far […]


Dec, 15

Become a Profitable, Trusted Advisor with Microsoft CSP

This small MSP-turned-ISV is projecting more than $1 million in revenue growth this year with even bigger growth potential next year by embracing the Microsoft CSP program through Ingram Micro. If there is one thing Jerod Powell, founder and CEO of managed services provider (MSP)-turned-independent software vendor (ISV) INFINIT Consulting, knows that many of his […]


Dec, 15

Microsoft CSP Through Ingram Micro: Your Foray into Selling Cloud Services

Any IT solution provider who has ever performed a serious revenue comparison of an on-premise IT solution and a subscription-based cloud IT solution knows the recurring revenue model far exceeds its former in the long run. The move is a win-win for end users as well. For instance, IT research firm Computer Economics says organizations […]


Dec, 15

Overcome Cloud Billing Frustrations the Smart Way

One of the big draws of moving to the cloud is that it removes the burden of managing servers, software, licenses, and infrastructure and allows end users to focus on running their businesses while helping solution providers focus their time on providing more profitable consultation services. By replacing pricy capital expenses with subscriptions, end users […]


Aug, 15

The Evolution of Microsoft Advisor to CSP

It was 2008. The iPhone was still new, tablets had yet to hit the market, and Microsoft ventured into the cloud with the launch of Business Productivity Online Standard (BPOS).  At the time, the prevailing belief was that the cloud would revolutionize the way consumers and small businesses purchased their technology.  While that prophecy has […]


Aug, 15

Microsoft Advisor to CSP Service Plan Now Available Worldwide

When Microsoft introduced the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program at their World Partner Conference (WPC) in 2014, channel partners were granted a new way to sell Microsoft cloud solutions. With the channel now hungry for more, Ingram Micro announced at WPC 2015 an addition to the CSP program, coined the Microsoft Advisor to CSP Service […]


Jul, 15

Convert Office 365 Advisor Subscriptions to CSP and Transform Your Business

Ingram Micro is dedicated to helping its channel partners sell more and thrive in the cloud. With rising adoption of Office 365, now is the time to start speaking to prospective customers about how they can be more productive throughout their organization. For channel partners who already deploy Office 365 to their customers through Microsoft’s […]


Jun, 15

How Ingram Micro Partners Can Increase Revenues with Microsoft CSP

Ingram Micro partners understand the value of the solutions available in our Cloud Marketplace. One such example is Office 365, which is Microsoft’s flagship productivity suite. For the end user, the opportunity to create content and collaborate with others is endless. The opportunities for channel partners are now endless as well. Those who currently have […]

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