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Apr, 13

Why 41% Of Your Customers’ IT Budgets Are Going To Your Competitors

Sometimes the problem your salespeople run into has nothing to do with what they’re selling and it very well could have little to do with how they’re selling. According the latest research from Gartner, your salespeople’s biggest problem could be who they’re selling to. In the quickly changing world of IT where IT solutions providers […]


Dec, 12

The Talent You Need For 2013

While most New Year predictions about cloud are rosy and bright, there is one note of concern within those positive prognostications. Sure, businesses are onboard with cloud and adoption is on the rise. But who is going to design, deploy and manage all these cloud projects? There is a clear shortage in the market of […]


Nov, 12

More Tips for 2013 Success

Last week was a busy one for me — I hit two channel events in two countries! OK, I will admit I was only in Boston and Montreal, but still … I had the opportunity to hear a lot of chatter and some great advice. So first, from Gavin Garbutt, CEO for N-able Technologies, who […]


Oct, 12

Advice From Top Experts In The Channel

During last week’s Ingram Micro VTN Invitational, the audience of solution providers had the opportunity to listen to advice from some very bright folks: Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership; Tiffani Bova, Gartner researcher; and Robert Faletra, CRN editor. The group answered questions about what is expected in the channel next year, as well as […]


Oct, 12

Taking Partnership To The Next Level

I had the chance to hang out with the Ingram Micro VTN community last week in Boston, and witness the unveiling of a cool new tool from Ingram Micro for that group – a partner portal for the community that enables faster, deeper partnerships between members. For those of you not familiar with VTN, it […]

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