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Feb, 13

Romance Between Pizza and the Cloud

While it is based on information from the United Kingdom, I found this article on how Domino’s Pizza is leveraging the cloud interesting. According to this story, the famous pizza franchise gets about 50% of its orders online – and about 20% of those orders come from smartphones – so when its CIO spoke to […]


Feb, 13

ALERT: Are you taking advantage of bad weather to stand out with your customers?

I’ll start by admitting that this blog isn’t about cloud. It’s about using bad weather to cement your role as your customer’s virtual CIO, courtesy of an example provided by Jenaly Technology’s president, MJ Shoer. Now, most MSPs in the channel have probably met MJ, he’s highly involved in the managed service community and always […]


Jan, 13

What Kind of CIO Are You Dealing With?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the priorities of CIOs and how and where business decision makers are focusing their shrinking IT budgets and staffs. I’m not going to talk about that. I am going to talk about this really interesting infographic, which shows The Evolution of the CIO. I think it […]


Jan, 13

CIOs Stuck In Everyday IT Rut

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. That old adage rings true with cloud as well, a reality highlighted in a Gartner finding that CIOs are so busy handling everyday IT fires that they are struggling to deploy and manage cloud solutions that could, in reality, help resolve those day-to-day IT […]


Dec, 12

What Are CIOs Thinking About Besides Cloud In 2013?

Big data. Infrastructure. Hybrids. Virtualization. Mobile. Cost savings. All that is good news. That old adage – with mystery comes margin, should be top of mind for successful solution providers in 2013. All those challenging technologies that CIOs are fussing and mussing with, they are complex. They stretch the capacity of most IT departments, but […]


Nov, 12

What Your State Government Customers Need From You

I am always interested in the unique challenges within any vertical; they provide tremendous insight into your windows of opportunity when it comes to conversations about where technology can help those organizations. When CIO Insight offered its take on The Top 10 Priorities for State CIOs, I had to check it out. The list on […]

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