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Dec, 12

The Talent You Need For 2013

While most New Year predictions about cloud are rosy and bright, there is one note of concern within those positive prognostications. Sure, businesses are onboard with cloud and adoption is on the rise. But who is going to design, deploy and manage all these cloud projects? There is a clear shortage in the market of […]


Dec, 12

Geek Predications For 2013

Now and then you have to stop and think: Wow. Technology, for all its ins and outs, has made unbelievable strides forward in the last handful of years. From smart phones to Wi-Fi to iPads … and, of course, cloud. In Fast Company last week, there was a really cool article on the digital trends […]


Dec, 12

Cloud Predications Continue …

Not to be left behind, Forbes has rolled out its predictions about cloud computing in the coming year. Interestingly enough, I think nearly all of these predictions herald great opportunity for the channel, but see what you think: More Hosted Private Cloud – Somewhere between complex private clouds and Amazon will evolve a new option: […]


Dec, 12

A Reality Check About 2013

So if you have the disposition to take it, industry pundit Larry Walsh has a big dose of reality for solution providers about success in 2013. Bottom line: You need a plan for success, it just isn’t going to happen like magic. Here’s his concern: “According to The 2112 Group’s 2012 Business Acumen Report, 25% […]


Dec, 12

Let The Finger Pointing Stop: YOU Are Responsible for Cloud Security

I am going to say it out loud: Can we get past the niggling over who is supposed to safeguard your customers’ data in the cloud? Please? No single component of a cloud services deployment is without potential for a security breach, starting with your customer’s employees and stretching right up to the guy in […]


Nov, 12

Round 2: What’s Coming in 2013

It’s here … Gartner’s prognostication for the next three years, as shared by CRN. I’ll let you read the entire CRN article for some great insight and the full four  years’ worth of predications, but here are a couple tidbits I found particularly interesting: By 2014 … Employee-owned devices will be compromised by malware at […]


Nov, 12

Are You Ready To Rumble? The Battle Over PaaS Begins

Let’s start by defining a term that, like many cloud-related titles, has several meanings. According to Gartner, and its recent report that says the global Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) market will reach $1.2 billion by the end of this year, then bypass $1.3 billion next year, PaaS can take several forms. In its report, it includes the […]


Nov, 12

Something To Be Thankful For – Outsourcing On The Rise

On this day when we all stop to give thanks, I have some good news for solution providers, especially those with cloud expertise. According to research from Information Services Group (ISG), the number of global IT services sales with a cloud element has tripled since 2010. In an article from Computer Weekly, the research firm […]


Nov, 12

The “Trend Talk” Has Begun

Just as the holiday music starts earlier and earlier each year, so does the “Trends to Watch,” pontificating. Since I don’t want to be left behind, I guess we’ll start talking about those trends here as well, starting with the “10 Trends CIOs Should Watch in 2013,” from CIO Insight. Some of these trends won’t […]


Nov, 12

Looking Ahead: Strategies for 2013

In the spirit of an election week, I thought I’d share Gartner’s take on the “10 Strategic Trends in 2013.” Now, according to the research firm, a “strategic technology” is one that is expected to have a major impact on the business market in the next three years. So let’s look: Onslaught of Mobile Devices […]

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