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Dec, 12

The BYOD Movement Expands

The potential around BYOD will continue in 2013, with many of your customers demanded device management as well as access control and security support as they struggle to grasp and control the influx of devices into the workplace.  Obviously, with cloud and mobile device management platforms just starting to hit the market, solution providers should […]


Dec, 12

Where Will Platform-as-a-Service Go Next Year?

The potential around PaaS will continue to expand next year, especially as cloud services providers as well as solution providers, VARs and system integrators get the hang of how and where PaaS works best for end users. As everyone gets more comfortable and knowledge about PaaS, expect to see more widespread adoption, particular to resolve […]


Dec, 12

What Will Your Business Look Like In 2013?

The strategic team at Ingram Micro Cloud has helped me out as we look forward to 2013, providing me with a laundry list of their predictions around cloud in the coming year. One theme running through their bullet points is opportunity for cloud sales in the channel. The team advises that as businesses, particularly SMBs, […]


Dec, 12

What’s New In The Cloud? Our Best (Educated) Guesses

As many of you gather to celebrate the holidays, I would like to believe you stop thinking – perhaps for a day – about cloud. That said, business must go on, holidays or not, so if you want to consider next year and where and how cloud will evolve, I have some insight from the […]


Dec, 12

Locking Up The Cloud – Beyond Data Security

As one of the leaders in the cloud, Rackspace has amassed an impressive amount of insight on cloud, hosted infrastructure, hosted storage, security and more. The vendor also has one of the most informative blog series I’ve found when it comes to best practices in the cloud. This blog, The Many Faces of Cloud Security, […]


Dec, 12

Your Customers Don’t Even Know What’s In The Cloud

Let me set the scene: You are a solution provider, let’s say a managed services provider, supporting an SMB with about 150 seats. You secure their on-premises data, monitor their infrastructure, run their BDR, and are helping them prepare to take some content to the cloud. Then suddenly, that customer’s sole IT guy says: I […]


Dec, 12

What Are CIOs Thinking About Besides Cloud In 2013?

Big data. Infrastructure. Hybrids. Virtualization. Mobile. Cost savings. All that is good news. That old adage – with mystery comes margin, should be top of mind for successful solution providers in 2013. All those challenging technologies that CIOs are fussing and mussing with, they are complex. They stretch the capacity of most IT departments, but […]


Dec, 12

Lesson For 2013: Don’t Think Small

I stumbled onto this quirky little column a couple weeks ago, written by Jason Lemkin for CloudAve.com. Jason is the founder and CEO of EchoSign, a SaaS company that was eventually acquired by Adobe, so he understands the mind of a business owner that starts small with goals of going big. His column is about […]


Dec, 12

Other Trends Beyond Cloud? Sort of …

It is no surprise that most of the 2013 trend talk remains focused on cloud in its many forms. But what about those adjacent technologies that are essential to cloud success? Top of the list, of course, is security, which remains a challenge when it comes to cloud. The issue isn’t necessarily that cloud isn’t […]


Dec, 12

Forrester Jumps On Prediction Wagon

I’ve noticed some trends in the cloud predictions hitting the wire, so what I’ve tried to do is pull out notes that highlight something new or intriguing. I think everyone can guess cloud and mobile will continue to merge, but how about these ideas from Forrester: Cloud service level agreements (SLAs) will become less important: […]

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