Protecting Microsoft Office 365 Email Accounts with Acronis Backup Cloud


Dec, 16

Protecting Microsoft Office 365 Email Accounts with Acronis Backup Cloud

Data stored in the cloud needs protection for all the same reasons you protect your home computer or workstation. This applies to everything from files and virtual servers to even the cloud-based email services you utilize every day such as Microsoft Office 365. Cloud-based email is commonly perceived as fail proof, and data is assumed to be safe no matter what. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and here are a few reasons why.

  1. Microsoft Office 365 email data can be easily deleted, and once it’s gone, it may be difficult to get it back without a backup.
  1. Microsoft replicates data between computer clusters to ensure data availability. However, the replicated data does not provide any recovery options to end-user companies.
  1. Email accounts often get hacked, and users can be locked out and even have their valuable emails deleted maliciously.
  1. Email accounts can be suspended for breach of service, even if users think they did nothing wrong. Once you lose access to your account, you lose access to all emails and attachments stored within its database.
  1. When leaving a company, employees may want to delete their email accounts, which may contain important or confidential data. Maintaining a backup of such accounts will ensure email data is available even when the entire account is deleted.

These are all key reasons to offer your customers backup with every Office 365 email opportunity. In addition, by selling Acronis Backup Cloud support for Office 365, you can add an upsell value per seat of more than 30% or up to $3 of your Office 365 monthly revenue while driving extra value to your Microsoft sales. Email backup is also a highly sticky solution that can enhance the overall retention and lifetime value of your customers. Why wouldn’t you offer email backup to all your Office 365 email clientele?

Due to the overwhelming demand for data protection of cloud-based services, support for Microsoft Office 365 email was introduced into Acronis Backup Cloud earlier this year. It is the result of ongoing collaboration between Microsoft and Acronis as they look for ways to make the popular email service even more versatile.

Implementing your own Office 365 email backup services with Acronis Backup Cloud is very easy. The new functionality is added to the existing Acronis Backup Cloud management portal where users already have the ability to backup PCs, servers, VMs, mobile devices, databases, and much more. Office 365 email accounts are presented as separate items with the familiar interfaces, and can be backed up and restored in a similar way to other devices.

The standard backup features for Microsoft Office 365 email accounts include :

  • Backup of mailboxes to local folders, network folders or Acronis Storage.
  • Backup of mailboxes to public or private clouds such as IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon S3, using Acronis Storage Gateway.
  • Browsing and granular recovery of email messages, attachments, contacts, calendar and tasks.
  • Previewing the contents of backed-up email messages without recovery.
  • Sending an email as a new message directly from a backup.
  • Backup encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Seamless integration into Ingram Micro Cloud’s Odin Service Automation for simplified service delivery.

To learn more about how Acronis Backup Cloud can help your customers protect their Microsoft Office 365 email accounts, as you generate additional recurring revenue, visit Acronis on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

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