Enabling Mobility for All: Ingram Micro and SAP partner in Managed Mobility


Mar, 13

Enabling Mobility for All: Ingram Micro and SAP partner in Managed Mobility

Milja Gillespie, Director of Marketing, Mobile Solutions, SAP

Mobile computing is here to stay — and it’s finally for everyone. Companies large and small rely more than ever on mobile devices to help them be productive. Company trade secrets and sensitive data need to be secure – regardless of the size of a company. And everyone deserves access to the best mobile apps to help them be more productive.

I regularly peruse tech predictions and recently came across the Massachusetts-based SMB Group, who has come up with its 2013 Top 10 SMB Technology Market Predictions. Topping the list is the prediction that “Small and medium businesses will prepare to optimize for mobile computing”. Though small and medium businesses are already using mobile technology more than ever before, the explosion of devices, apps, and the BYOD phenomena have proved challenging to manage for smaller companies. SMB Group says that “small and medium businesses will become more strategic concerning mobile investments, specifically on management and security, and on integrating apps more effectively.”(Their full report is here.)

Other tech experts agree that IT spending and specifically SMB investment in mobile strategy and mobile security will increase this year.  In the IDC report Worldwide SMB 2013 Predictions: Impact of Changing Priorities, Preferences, and Challenges, the firm predicts that worldwide SMB IT spending will top $577 billion in 2013 and SMB IT spending Increases will cut across all technology categories including mobile.

Large enterprises have long known that mobile devices can create serious security risks and great business opportunity. The same is absolutely true for small and medium-sized businesses.  That’s why Ingram Micro and SAP are working hard to bring the strength of enterprise solutions to the small-to-medium sized business market.

To help make the security dreams of IT departments everywhere come true, Ingram Micro and SAP have partnered up to offer VARs the SAP Mobile Platform, which includes SAP’s Afaria mobile device management solution. Impressively, it will also include SAP’s collection of over 300 mobile apps that support tasks from simple productivity to complex transactions. If you’re not familiar with the breadth of SAP’s mobile apps, I recommend checking out the vast collection of demos of apps across 24 different industries on devices using iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry. Dozens of videos (actually 64 at time of writing) are available here (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE08F52620FF25B7F).

I’ve been in the mobile space for 15 years and have always known Ingram Micro as a household name. The partnership makes great sense and provides a cost-effective solution for the SMB market to take advantage of enterprise-class mobile solution software applications to dramatically improve productivity.

Is it time for a mobile revolution? SAP’s Sanjay Poonen thinks so! He stated “This is the coming together of two great brands — SAP a leader in enterprise mobility, and Ingram, a leader in software distribution. We expect the mobile revolution will benefit our joint customers and partners, while also allowing thousands of small development firms and individual developers to innovate on top of SAP’s industry-leading mobile platform and solutions.”

For more information, look for us at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2013 – attend Sanjay Poonen’s keynote and a number of SAP-specific breakout sessions, or visit the SAP booth.  See you there!

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