Confused About What Cloud Solutions Are Right For Your IT Business?


Feb, 13

Confused About What Cloud Solutions Are Right For Your IT Business?

I talk to a lot of solution providers in the course of my responsibilities as a blogger, and one common issue that comes up is frustration about all the multitude of cloud solutions available. So here is my answer: the fourth annual Ingram Micro Cloud Summit has your answers.

I’ve talked the last couple weeks about the amazing range of keynote speakers and other presenters at the summit, but now we’re going to talk tech. In a recent podcast, Paul Hoffman, who is senior director of technology and cloud solutions for Ingram Micro, shared some insight about the cloud technology he and his team are evaluating, the trends they are seeing, and a bit about what’s available at the Cloud Summit when it comes to pure tech.

Namely, there is a ton of opportunity for gaining knowledge at the summit, including product overviews that address cloud tech in a big picture way, and more specific breakouts about individual solution sets, such as backup, M2M, telecom, and more.

Plus, if attendees are interested in a particular vendor, all the vendors will be at the Technology Fair on Wednesday night.

Want to hear more? Listen to the full conversation here.

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