Romance Between Pizza and the Cloud


Feb, 13

Romance Between Pizza and the Cloud

While it is based on information from the United Kingdom, I found this article on how Domino’s Pizza is leveraging the cloud interesting. According to this story, the famous pizza franchise gets about 50% of its orders online – and about 20% of those orders come from smartphones – so when its CIO spoke to a cloud event in London, he revealed how cloud computing has helped Domino’s bottom line.

Namely, the CIO shared how cloud allowed the business to scale up and down as demands fluctuate. For example, pizza delivery businesses face fairly predictable demand windows – from 5 to 9 p.m., and particularly on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday – and cloud allows them to handle those surges in demand. Therefore, taking online orders is not only efficient, but cost-effective since Domino’s doesn’t pay for capacity when it doesn’t need it.

One of the best parts of this article is the fact that Domino’s doesn’t use an automated cloud service to handle the ebb and flow of its cloud needs; rather it uses a consultative IT firm (read: channel!) This article is worth a quick read, and can definitely serve as a great sales piece. After all, if an international pizza corporation can rely on cloud, so can your customers.

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