Breaking News: Integrating Cloud Is Hard


Feb, 13

Breaking News: Integrating Cloud Is Hard

I am fascinating by the ongoing premise that cloud is easy, and hybrid cloud is easier. Early on in the cloud conversation, there was much wringing of hands as the channel fretted about cloud being a technology innovation that squeezed out solution providers. I think that concern fell aside fairly quickly, but now and then, the issue resurfaces.

In this case, it’s KPMG International’s cloud survey, which focused on the challenge of cloud implementation and integration with existing IT assets. In the survey, respondents identified key challenges in deployment of a cloud solution inside their organizations. Those hurdles – where were fairly evenly dispersed, included:

  1. Implementation/integration costs too high (33%)
  2. Integration with existing infrastructure (31%)
  3. Data loss and privacy risks (30%)
  4. Loss of control (30%)
  5. Lack of visibility into future demand and those associated costs (26%)
  6. Lack of standards between cloud providers, i.e. interoperability (26%)
  7. General security risks (26%)
  8. Risk of intellectual property theft (21%)
  9. Legal and regulatory compliance (18%)
  10. Transparency of operational controls and data (18%).

Now, I think these results should be met with raised glasses and round of cheers from the channel. Why? When you look at this concerns, there is such opportunity for channel to bring in expertise, guidance, best practices and support and work these issues out. Need help with a streamlined, well-integrated transition to cloud – call a solution provider. Want reassurance and best security practices in place? Same thing. How about someone to monitor, manage and provide granular reporting on your cloud infrastructure so you are confident it is safe, compliant, and still under your control? Super solution provider to the rescue.

For those of you working to secure cloud projects, take a look at these concerns and proactively address them in your proposals – you will look like a business partner, well versed in your area of expertise – plus, it is like a good job interview, you address your weaknesses before they ask.

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