ALERT: Are you taking advantage of bad weather to stand out with your customers?


Feb, 13

ALERT: Are you taking advantage of bad weather to stand out with your customers?

I’ll start by admitting that this blog isn’t about cloud. It’s about using bad weather to cement your role as your customer’s virtual CIO, courtesy of an example provided by Jenaly Technology’s president, MJ Shoer. Now, most MSPs in the channel have probably met MJ, he’s highly involved in the managed service community and always willing to help out his peers. He’s also a great marketer – uncovering simple but effective ways to keep communication lines open with his customers and potential clients. This is a great example of that expertise, and one you can easily replicate.

Last Thursday, as a massive winter storm loomed on the horizon for most of the Eastern seaboard, MJ’s company issued a best practices note to its customers that read:

“With the projected blizzard due to arrive during the afternoon tomorrow and continue overnight and into Saturday, we wanted to remind you of a few prudent steps to take to secure your IT systems in the event of a power outage or a more severe storm than anticipated.

As of Thursday afternoon, the snow is forecast to be light and fluffy, not heavy and wet so the greatest threat may be that of scattered power outages due to high winds. Whenever faced with the possibility of power outages, we recommend unplugging all nonessential electronics from electrical outlets to protect against any significant power surges that may result.  If you have equipment plugged in to surge protectors, simply unplug the surge protector from its outlet after powering down all the connected equipment.  For small UPS units, we recommend unplugging as well, and actually turning them off, so you do not drain the battery or hear the beeping. Again, be sure to properly power down any connected devices before disconnecting power. If any equipment is near windows that could be damaged by high winds, we recommend moving the equipment away from these areas. We recommend you take the above steps at whatever time you close your office on Friday afternoon.

Your servers and network equipment are protected by robust UPS devices that should protect them throughout the storm.  Our team will be actively monitoring your network for outages and will respond as needed.  We will only reach out to you if we see your office impacted beyond the time when we would expect to see things return to normal.

We will have team members on-call throughout so please use your normal procedures for reaching us after hours, should that become necessary.  Here’s hoping for a nice winter snow storm without any negative repercussions.  Enjoy the snow and stay safe.

Your Jenaly Team”

Shoer told MSPmentor.com that his strategy ahead of storms is pretty simple: Communicate, educate and reassure customers that Jenaly is ready to assist them.

I urge you to think about how you might be able to utilize this example, because once you’ve taken a few minutes to sketch out the best practices for your particular customers and likely bad weather for your region, it is a simple value-add that you can roll out any time severe weather is in the forecast. You can’t get simpler than that, and what a great way to reassure your customers that they are first and foremost in your mind.

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