Cloud Drives Demand For Skilled Technologists … But There Is A Downside


Jan, 13

Cloud Drives Demand For Skilled Technologists … But There Is A Downside

In a recent ITWorld article, cloud was called out as one of the technologies pushing IT hiring in the coming year. That comes as no surprise as both solution providers and larger organizations with internal IT staffs struggle to add the resources necessary to both manage and customize on cloud. According to ITWorld, much of the on-site infrastructure support required by private and hybrid cloud, along with application management, is likely to provide a boon for service providers, but only if they have the skilled staff necessary to handle those challenges.

The article goes on to reiterate a message you see often in this blog: Software development is an in-demand skill that any solution provider offering cloud services must be able to deliver. Whether you invest in on-staff expertise or find a partner to work with, you need to be ready with this resource in 2013.

The challenge – from enterprise businesses down to small SMB solution providers – will be finding these skilled resources. We’ve been hearing for a while that there is a shortage of technology specialists with the cloud-specific and software development skills needed by anyone truly interested in the cloud. This article reiterates, citing research from Bluewolf, an IT resources firm, that the “developers, consultants and overall workforce necessary to support the technology haven’t developed quickly enough to meet demand.”

Where does that leave you? Well, the good news is that there are tech jobs. The bad news is that those of you looking for staff with this particular skill set will be forced to look hard, dig deeper and, ultimately, pay more for the expertise you need.

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